logoThe Kultur & Art Initiative develops and implements art and culture projects. Kultur & Art Initiative has been around since 2002 and is an intercultural and intergenerational non-profit association with members from different nations, age groups and with different careers who have got work experiences in media production, education and media education for many years.

Kultur und Art Initiative e.V. staff comes from different educational backgrounds and fields of study, such as: Arts, Communication, Human Rights and Educational Sciences, Psychology, etc. All of them, during the year, take part in several training courses, at the local and European level, based on non-formal education to improve their skills and competences as mentors and facilitators. Kultur und Art Initiative e.V. facilitators and trainers have involved also in the events of the international and national projects where participants are also adults and expert in education.

Our aim is to produce projects with people from different origins. Our concept is based on contents of social and intercultural integration. We want to work against the passive culture consumption with active culture work. That is why we offer creative and project-orientated opportunities to the participants of our events. We also offer media education workshops and international youth exchanges to young people. In cooperation and in the context of EU-Programs Erasmus+, we arrange youth exchanges several times a year.

The focus is to build up a project together with youth from different countries, discuss different topics and get to know about the other cultures, countries and their backgrounds. The aim of the projects is to bring life, culture and discussions closer to the youth.

The Kultur & Art Initiative develop and implement art and culture projects in this region and abroad. We cooperate with the culture team of City of Detmold, Federal Foreign Office,  Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf, the Hochschule für Musik Detmold, radios and television and some local associations.
This association provides offers for extracurricular youth work, including media educational advice, workshops, performances, support doing projects and getting ideas. The offers are at no charge and are suitable for everyone who is interested.

Our office is in Detmold, by the culture factory Hangar 21.