GET YOUR OWN PICTURE gives participants the all-around filmmaking experience necessary to make their own films:  They all write, produce, shoot, direct, and edit their own short films. The curriculum integrates intensive study in all the major filmmaking disciplines: Starting with day one, they participate in an intensive sequence of classes in Cinematography, Film Directing, Screenwriting, Camera Technique, Lighting, Digital Editing, Sound Design, Directing Actors and Production Workshop in order to extend and deepen their in-class learning by producing their films.

After the imparting of the theoretical foundations of filmmaking, the participants receive support to bring their own ideas into practice and to make their own short films: Working with crews, each participant writes, produces, directs and edits short films. In addition, each participant plays the essential roles in the films in her/his crew. Thus, everyone has the extensive hands-on experience of working in short films in the workshop.

The participants will address the question of the differences and similarities of the other cultures and will discuss in groups, which areas of interest co-exist within the youth. The young people will become aware of their common historical roots and thus experience interculturality in person. The shared passion for “cinema” will be the main aspect here. The participants will experience that despite the different cultural contexts and different religious views, there are also many similarities between every culture. It also focuses on developing and strengthening knowledge, skills and competencies useful for employability, according to what is happening in our complex society that requires all of us to RE-think education also from the point of views of youth who, through not only non-formal but also technical tools given in this workshops, will have the opportunity to deepen the relevant themes for them and be able to communicate and work together also afterwards.

“Get your own picture” involves young people with fewer opportunities. They will be between 18 and 30 years old. The young people from different countries will get closer to their own cultures. This will be presented in the form of short films. Participants will experience cultural diversity through intensive collaboration.

This workshop aims at providing young people useful tools necessary for a critical analysis of reality and a conscious use of audio-visual messages and at empowering participants to strengthen their narrative and digital skills. They will be involved in the multiple creative steps of designing, creating and presenting their audio-visual outcomes, encouraging them to explore and experiment together with the possible uses of video as a powerful and creative tool of expression, cooperation, learning and active participation.

Specific objectives are:

– to provide a non-formal environment in which young people can learn to work in co-operation with others

– to raise participants’ awareness about the techniques of audio-visual language in order to be better informed as active citizens and thrive in increasingly media-varied environments

– to provide communication tools in order to improve the quality of internal and external communication

– to involve young people in reflection on the priorities that affect them and stimulate them in playing a constructive role in the development of their own communities, using videos as a way of expression and constructive debate.

– to encourage the sense of initiatives and entrepreneurship capable to stimulate the ability to turn ideas into actions as the designed video is brought until a final product

Indoor and outdoor activities will be balanced, the methodology will be based on non-formal education and will apply active and experiential methods, learning by doing and mutual cooperation between participants from different backgrounds and settings, promoting exchange of knowledge, best practices, working methods and proposals for new projects and networking actions.